Sunday, January 23, 2005

Mientkiewicz and the Ball 

Dough Mientkiewicz - a back up first basemen on the Red Sox - has the ball that made the last out in the World Series and won't give it back. He's being a jackass, and he has no logical argument that supports the notion that he should owns the ball. If anyone hasn't heard about this story, this article sums it up.

However, Sports Illustrated quotes a "legal expert" in the article whose opinion is not based on anything "legal" and does nothing to indicate expertise in anything.
"It's not Doug's ball. It belongs to all of us," said Roger Abrams, a Northeastern University law professor who has written several baseball books. "He is the trustee of the ball but it is owned by all of Red Sox Nation and it should find a place of special importance, either at Fenway or Cooperstown."
Now I spent more time playing Baseball Stars in Property than taking notes, but one thing I do know is that the baseball does not belong to "all of us." Furthermore, it doesn't belong to all of Red Sox Nation because Red Sox Nation does not legally exist. I guess Mr. Abrams's legal expertise is limited to his knowledge that the word "trustee" exists.
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