Sunday, February 13, 2005

Absurd Black History Month Reference Alert 

RCN is running a commercial for their On Demand movies. (RCN, by the way, is the worst company in this history of mankind - and I include companies that profit from third world sweat shops.) I cannot transcribe it as (thanks to RCN, as a matter of fact) I do not have Tivo.

The commercial went something like this: "In honor of black history month... we bring you two black superstars.... Denzel Washington in The Manchurian Candidate and Halle Berry in Catwoman."

So, in a stirring tribute to the history of African Americans RCN is... showing two movies they would have shown this month anyway.

This is neither as absurd nor as funny as Goldberg's absurd reference to September 11th below, which I highly recommend to those fans of G&G who usually only read my posts.


Darn. Jonah Goldberg made almost the same observation here today - with the good line that this is like celebrating Jewish history by showing Cadyshack II because Jackie Mason is in it. Great minds... oh no.
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