Thursday, February 03, 2005

Democratic Response Comment 

I generally have liked Harry Reid so far, but maybe he should stop speaking in public. When a Democrat makes me agree with Jonah Goldberg, I don't appreciate it. Goldberg:
The moment Harry Reid said we need a "Marshall plan for America" last night I found it almost impossible to focus on what he was saying afterwards. It's an ancient cliché which reveals so much about the neo-nativism of the Democratic party than almost anything else. The notion that a "Marshall plan" would work in the most prosperous nation in the world where Americans are not, in fact, digging out from rubble and looking to rebuild their societies is too dumb to pick apart at length.
I have to say, outside of the neo-nativism comment (which I don't understand), I agree completely. Saying that we need a program similar to the program that saved post-World War II Europe simply makes no sense. Yet, given how stupid the American public has proved itself over the last few elections and seasons of Yes, Dear, it wouldn't surprise me if this polled well.

(Note the second reference to Yes, Dear in a week - I just watched this show once or twice over the last few months and was stunned by how terrible it is. I think it's going to be my new standard for how stupid people can be.)
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