Monday, February 07, 2005

Super Bowl Thoughts 

(1) Worst Sports Argument Ever?

Last night, after the f-faced led Partriots won their third Super Bowl, Sean Salisbury and Michael Irvin engaged in a debate over whether these Patriots or the Cowboys of the '90s were better. For some reason, both men seemed to agree that the key stat in settling this argument was average margin of victory in the Super Bowl. The Patriots' was something like 3; the Cowboys' was something like 14.

Irvin argued, sensibly if you ignore the fact that this stat has very little to do with which team was better, that this indicated the Cowboys were superior. Salisbury argued that this indicated the Patriots were better - because, unlike the Cowboys, the Patriots proved they could win close Super Bowls.

Score one for Michael Irvin.

(2) What the Fuck?

I only had a mild interest in this Super Bowl - I would have liked it if the Eagles won, although the idea of making horrible Eagles fans happy was distasteful. Yet even I was going crazy when the Eagles took their sweet time on that second-to-last drive. It simply defied all logic and common sense. AND WHY DID HE THROW THAT PASS ON SECOND DOWN ON THE LAST DRIVE? (A pass that gained half a yard when they needed 60 and took half of the time off the clock.) Why did they throw to the middle of the field at all? In sum, what the fuck? If I was an Eagles fan I may have forsworn football at that point.

(3) McNabb

He was just way too happy in the post-game interview I saw. He seemed thrilled that the Eagles had just made a game out of it - even though, in his eyes, nobody had given them a chance. I mean, they weren't that big of underdogs - it wasn't exactly the Jets facing the Colts that one year. He just seemed a little too happy just to be in the game - a direct contrast to the winning team. Coupled with the infuriating last two drives, I can't say I was very impressed with Mr. McNabb's performance.

(4) Dillon

See my thought below, in the comments to the "Great" post. Also, just for the record, they always talk about Dillon's "flipping Burgers" comment. I didn't appreciate that, but it was in the context of a contract negotiation which can obviously get contentious - especially with Mike "About 10 Times More of a Fuck Face and Piece of Shit Than Corey Dillon Will Ever Be" Brown. For some reason, because it would not fit in with the new "Dillon is a wonderful, godly man" script, they never talk about his behavior at the end of last year and during the offseason. Dillon wanted to get traded, so he decided to go on The Best Damn Sports Show Period and call Willie Anderson a bum. Most people probably don't know who Anderson is - but he's a pro-bowl tackle, he's played on the Bengals for 13 years and he blocked for Dillon when he set the all-time and rookie single game rushing records. Also, he's generally lauded for his impeccable character and leadership on and off the field. So, in order to get traded, Dillon decided to call him a bum. Class.

Also, the Dillon-script during the week was that Dillon was only a malcontent because he was tired of losing. What this fails to explain is why Dillon "suffered" through years of Bengals losses before he demanded to be traded. He only wanted to leave after Rudi Johnson started competing for his starting spot. He didn't give a shit about winning - he only cares about putting himself in the best light possible. Well, he's succeeded, and he has a ring, so I guess he gets the last laugh. Good work, Dillon and Patriots.
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