Monday, February 07, 2005

Total, Complete and Utter Hypocrisy (I would stop reading this blog if I were you) 

I suspected my views on Corey Dillon had changed, and I was right. I did a search on a Bengals forum I occasionally post at, and found this post. Good God I suck.

Bengal fan JoePong wrote:
Is Corey Dillon banging your wives or something? That's the only way I can explain your irrational hatred.

But I guess it's nothing new. People wanted to run TJ out of town too because he was hurt all year. The venom directed at that guy simply because he happend to tear his hamstring is just unbelievable.

Then I, the author of all these recent Dillon posts on this blog, wrote (under the user name of top6):
JP, I tend to agree with this last statement. Why people suddenly hate the player who was the only good thing on our team for half a decade, I'll never understand.
WHAT THE SHIT? And this was after much of the behavior I mentioned earlier (although I'm not sure he had yet called Anderson a "bum"). What is my problem?

One thing - being a Bengals fan makes you insane. None of my thoughts relating to the Bengals are rational, with the exception of: "Mike Brown step down." Also: "I hate Joe Montana" and "Sam Wyche was an offensive genius." Oh, and one more: "You don't live in Cleveland."

(And note, if you follow the link, that I don't frequently post on sports message boards - I only have 17 posts in more than a year. So I'm certainly NOT a loser... oh God I hate myself, I hate myself.)
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