Sunday, April 24, 2005

Catholics to Germany - You are Forgiven! 

My girlfriend and I were just watching the ABC 7 local (Chicago) news report on Pope Benedict's installation. They interviewed some people at a mostly German church. The newscaster - a Rob Johnson - said the following (I paraphrase): "Many feel that the selection of a German Pope is the world's way of forgiving Germany for the atrocities committed there years ago."

I'm sure Germans everywhere appreciate this fine gesture of forgiveness that the Catholic church has made on behalf of the Jewish people.

On another note, it appears that back when he was "Johnny Ratz", the new Pope issued orders to keep the sex abuse investigation secret. (Via Atrios.) Perhaps some day, fifty years from now, the Catholic Church will be courageous enough to select an American Pope as a way of forgiving the United States.
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