Monday, April 04, 2005


I was watching a documentary about him. I can't find a link to this, so admittedly it may all be liable, but when he was visiting the United States a nun introduced him at a church in, I believe, Georgia. The nun deviated from her prepared remarks and, moved by the holy spirit, said that the Catholic church had to deal with the pain it was causing woman by not allowing them to participate in all levels of ministry. The Pope - who was nothing if not civilized and well mannered - kissed her when she bowed to him, but did not speak to her. She said in an interview that it was not until five years later that she learned how the Pope felt about her remarks. When she was visiting Rome and sought an audience with the Pope, she was refused.

Later in the day, I saw another documentary about the Pope. As you know, the Pope was shot and almost killed. Many people speculate that the KGB was involved, although nobody ever admitted this. A short time after the assassination attempt, the Pope visited his would-be assassin in prison. He said a prayer with him and forgave him.

A man who was either crazy or hired by the USSR shot the Pope and almost killed him. The Pope sought an audience with him and forgave him. A woman made a remark about the fact that half of earth's is deemed unworthy by the church to minister and possibly caused the Pope embarrassment or discomfort. She was not extended the courtesy of a visit when she traveled to Rome and requested one. The world is more fucked up than most people's simple minds - including my own - will ever be able to comprehend.
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