Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Liberal Bias 

Liberal bias continues unabated in the media. I was flipping channels and came across a Barbara Walters piece on Condoleezza Rice. It started out by lauding the Rice family and listing Condi's many talents. It then showed her saying how "humbled" she was that Bush had appointed her National Security Advisor. But, liberal ABC had to go and include the dissenting view! Walters said (paraphrase - I'll post a link if I can find it):
But she's not popular with everyone. She is often criticized for being an African American conservative Republican.
And that was it... nothing about the substance of the attacks against her. Damn liberal bias.

I watched the special for about 2 more minutes. In other news, Tom Cruise is insane, and I think I mean literally insane.

EDIT: To fix a typo. As The Riz correctly notes in the comments, the piece was ON Condaleezza Rice, not IN her.
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