Sunday, November 27, 2005

Plan if Saddam Found Not Guilty: Just Keep Trying Until He's Guilty 

According to Drudge, this is the White House plan if Saddam is found not guilty:
"There will be more charges filed against him, and more charges after that, if needed... he has committed tremendous crimes," a top Bush source explained last week from Washington.
Look, I'm pretty sure Saddam is a murderer, the worst kind of person, someone who deserves the worst kind of punishment, etc. In fact, I support the death penalty only for the crimes of genocide and treason (in some instances), and our boy Saddam probably committed both.

But the fact is, millions of Iraqis supported him. I know this is very hard for some people in this country to accept, but it is nevertheless true. Many Iraqis may look back on his reign fondly, and no matter how misguided they are, those Iraqis deserve a voice in an Iraqi democracy. There could be a lot of good reasons to find Saddam not guilty, or to send him into exile, or to do something else that will help lessen the anger of the pro-Saddam forces in Iraq. If we are really going to let Iraq form a democracy, this seems the epitome of a decision that should be made by Iraqis. Saddam's victims were almost all Iraqis, as were the soldiers who carried out his orders. Outside of providing security for whatever the government decides to do, why should we have anything to do with what happens to Saddam?
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