Wednesday, December 28, 2005


It's interesting and telling that Jonah Goldberg thinks of Martin Luther King as a "liberal" icon. See this post:
So which leftwing martyr/icon is left? Sacco & Vanzetti were guilty. The Rosenbergs: guilty. Hiss: guilty. Margaret mead: liar. Rigoberta Menchu: liar. Duranty: liar. Kinsey: liar. Upton Sinclair: liar. I.F. Stone isn't looking too hot (lied about America often, loved totalitarians, might have taken KGB money).

Martin Luther King Jr. -- small flaws aside -- is still looking good. But Bobby Kennedy is only a useful leftwing hero if you don't look too closely. Ditto JFK. Jesse Jackson's going to look awful to historians.

Who's left?
I guess ideas such as, you know, "black children shouldn't have to attend separate, inferior schools" or "lynching people is bad" are "liberal" ideas.

I seriously thought Martin Luther King had sort of achieved American Hero status, but I guess I was wrong: to some conservatives, he still represents the other side of the political divide.
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