Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brief Post 

(1) Exxon. Maybe this makes me a bad Democrat, but why are we supposed to be upset that they are making a huge profit? They have something that everyone wants, and people are willing to pay them a shit load of money for it. What's the problem?

(2) Alito. Nice work America. I don't blame the Democrats for this - what could they do? Some on the left are mad they didn't filibuster, but the Republicans have already announced how they would use the nuclear option. I don't get what good a filibuster would have done, but that's just me.

America chose a President who promised to appoint radical conservatives "like Scalia and Thomas" to the court. I believe he has now done so. So, enjoy the new America where when women are raped they have to be kept in prison or supervised by the police until they give birth to a baby they don't want. That is apparently what Americans want, so I guess we can't complain.

Also, reading news reports on this reminded me how a Democratic majority confirmed Clarence Thomas. Nice work, Democrats.

(3) Without knowing the facts, this post by Kos (who I think has been terrible lately) strikes me as right on. It's long, so I just linked to it. I do not understand why we would ever listen to or trust the Democratic establishment, since for 11 years they have presided over the complete disintegration of the Democratic party.
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