Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I do not have time to post now, but I cannot have my good name associated with a blog that says positive things about the Steelers without adding my two cents. I hate the Steelers right now more than I hate myself.

I cannot agree with Goldberg's comments that they would be good teammates.

Exception: Ignoring recent developments, I have never really hated Cowher and he does seem like someone I would want coaching my team. I hate Bettis, but it's mostly hate out of respect, because he has always CRUSHED the Bengals. That said, if his career had ended on a devastating fumble, it would have been the highlight of the year for me.

However, the other people Goldberg names below are scum, are worse than Hitler, etc. Ben Fatlisburgerpieceofshit or whatever his name is: actually, I have thought for over a year that he is an awesome, very underrated QB. However, he is the epitome of a whiny little bitch. He complains about EVERYTHING, regardless of whether his team wins or loses, and according to my sister he was not a good guy in college - so there.

Porter is an asshole, and he says things that are beyond stupid.

Hines Ward is just a piece of human feces. If I was as big and strong as NFL players, I don't know how I could resist punching him in the face. God, I hate him. I'm not even going to say why, he doesn't deserve it. If Hines Ward was starving to death, and all I had to do was wipe my ass to give him a loaf of bread, I would go without wiping my ass for a year just to screw him over.

I don't have time to edit this. Busy at work. I may delete it later, so you probably want to save it for your records.

UPDATE: HA HA HA. I just read (I won't link, it might not be true) that someone vandalized the house of the referee who made that interception call. That's TWO houses vandalized in one season by Steelers fans. GOOD LORD! Even Browns fans have the decency to keep their throwing of things at the stadium.

Porter should have to go clean it up, in lieu of paying a fine.
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